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Our experience was amazing! I have never felt so comfortable or confident in front of a camera. Her work is absolutely stunning and every bit of what we were hoping for. Thanks for being the killer photographer you are, Kinzie!

HIRE KINZIE NOW! Seriously what a great experience! Nothing felt awkward or weird we had fun oh and we got AMAZING PHOTOS. 10/10 totally recommend!

Extraordinary woman!

She was by far the best vendor I had for my wedding! She advocated for me, calmed me and went above and beyond for our photos.

I had a wedding party of 20+ people (bad idea) and my group was very sassy and cranky BUT Kinzie manage to handle everything in a professional fun matter, never got overwhelmed and was very organized!

What I loved about her the most was how authentic she was. My husband and I felt very comfortable around her because she didn't force anything. She just let my husband and I be us and she captured us very well.

Kinzie was such a pleasure to work with. We (@buttercupeventco) worked together on a wedding in Woodinville last weekend and she was such a blast to work with. Her energy was positive and relaxed. She made my job as a wedding coordinator much more fun and enjoyable. She had such a beautiful connection with the bride and groom which was so great to see. We highly recommend you all to book Kinzie for your next photo opportunity. She has very talented and we love her work.

Kinzie is such a sweet woman! She comes prepared, and is fully supportive of the multiple outfit changes we had. She’s educated in posing, and made us feel like we were models. Had us giggling the whole time for those perfect candid shots. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Do you want magazine/movie quality photos? Do you want to feel great and have fun while taking those photos? Look no further. This is one special and brilliant photographer. Kinzie photographed our small wedding ceremony and exhibited such a high level of professionalism, talent, insight, and awareness while still being SO much fun. Our families loved working with her as she deftly directed group shots, and our solo couple time with her was relaxing and so much more enjoyable than I could have even anticipated. I can't say enough great things about her presence ...

Kinzie is beyond talented and not only that but she makes you feel great and laugh during the shoot, she also really listens to what you want! And Her end results are amazing! So happy with our pictures!!

We highly recommend Wandering Love Collective. Kinzie is full of energy and ideas so she's easy to be around and we always felt good about the photos she was taking. We love that she's fun to talk to but also a fast worker, you get a lot of amazing shots in a short period of time so you get your money's worth!

One thing we really felt made Kinzie stand out was the fact that she got photos back to us so quickly! Within the first few hours after our wedding we already had several photos and within 24 hours we had 10 beautiful shots from our day.

Lastly she runs her business well and we felt very comfortable with her contract and how she communicated with us about payments. We are absolutely in love with her work!

I absolutely loved working with Kinzie! She took my senior pictures and made me feel like a model the whole time! I got gorgeous photos out of the experience and a wonderful day. We also got family portraits done by her and it was so fun. If Kinzie has a vision, she always executes it beautifully and so professionally!!

Her pictures are stunning!! I don't think I've seen any other photography that captures the mood, lighting, occasion or feeling that Kinzie does!! Keep up the awesome work!! You are amazing!!!

Kinzie was so easy to work with and made the experience fun and positive with her knowledge in photography. She delivers a beautiful final product that will be enjoyed for years to come.

I literally cannot get over 1. How much Kinzie worked with us as a couple. She's the first to make us feel comfortable enough to be ourselves 2. I feel like she truly captured who we are. I feel like she knew which moments were the most important to us and finally 3. How beautiful our pictures are! I cannot express how much I loved working with Kinzie enough

Oh my goodness, this women is amazing! I had originally messaged Kinzie four days before I landed in Italy and she was more than happy to work with me with such a short amount of time. After the ceremony we went out to take some pictures around the area, and she even suggested we take a few more at another location which came out great of course! On top of her professionalism she is very sweet and kind, I can't say enough how much I recommend her!

Kinzie is amazing! She is friendly, personable, easy to work with, and her photos are incredible! We absolutely love our photos and I highly recommend her!!

Simply amazing ! It had rained all day and the temperature dropped lower than we were dressed for, my two year old didn’t even want to look at the camera. We got to the car and my SO was sure it was a flop. Later that evening when she posted a preview we were blown away. She didn’t have much to work with and they are the most amazing pictures we’ve had taken. I recommend her to anyone looking for pictures!

Kinzie was amazing!! My hubby who hates taking pictures got into the car after our session and said, “I liked that!” She was incredibly efficient and had the operations side of the session down to an art. In addition, Kinzie made us feel comfortable and asked questions to make sure we got exactly what we wanted. We will definitely use Kinzie again in the future.

Kinzie, is simply amazing. If you are looking for someone who steps in and belongs, skips the awkward step and adds to your day or experience simply with her presence you have found your photographer. Her attention to detail and vision allow for you to remember details that you might not have even realized during the time. She captures your authentic personalities, both individually and as a couple! Thank you for all your amazing work Kinzie! We love you

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